Susan Ayers, Executive Director

Hello, my name is Susan Ayers and I’m grateful to be working at Hannah’s House as the Executive Director!  In my earlier life, I was an elementary teacher, principal and eventually studied and taught at MSU for several years in the College of Education.  Here at Hannah’s House, I value the opportunity to participate in the formation of young women as they learn more about what it means to be a Woman, a Mother and a Beloved Daughter of the Father above.  Along with these “spiritual identities” grounded in a life of faith in Christ, we support the women in learning life skills and habits that will bode well for their future lives as a single Moms in the wider community.  It is a joy to see new life among us – both little persons and and their moms growing into the fullness of Life continually offered to us by our Maker.  I am grateful to be a part of the lives of the women whom God brings to us.  Please pray with us that we will always cooperate with His work in our lives – that we will each day, say a resounding “Yes!” to his invitation to follow Him.   (Oh, and did I say I’m a grandmother to a 2 year old!! How could I forget to say that?!) 


Rachel Krish, House Manager

Rachel joined Hannah’s House in May of 2023.  She has been active in the Lansing area by serving families in the most difficult time of their lives — the experience of losing a love one.  She is a licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer in the state of Michigan with an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences.  Rachel and her husband Steve were married in August 1998.  They welcomed identical twin girls, Emilie and Kaytlyn into their family in 1999; a beautiful surprise daughter, Jenna, in 2001 and the most handsome son ever, Alexander, in 2004.  Rachel has for some time had a heart for serving others, but felt she needed to step up and serve God’s children in a different way.  He brought her to Hannah’s House!  In Rachel’s words, “I love working with the pregnant women and babies who come through our doors.  It gives me a sense of joy and peace.”  Rachel connects easily with the women and is able to give motherly advice in a way that they can accept and embrace it.  They trust her with their questions.  We are grateful for Rachel’s presence and work at the house.



Sharon Matthews, Weekend House Manager

Sharon Matthews joined Hannah’s House, as a House Manager, in February of 2017.  She retired from the State of Michigan in 2011, after 25 years of work experience in the information technology field.  She possesses a master’s degree from Western Michigan University, majoring in Public Administration, with emphasis in state policy administration.  Also, she earned a business administration bachelor’s degree from Northwood University, double majoring in computer Information Systems Management & Business Management.  In addition, she obtained an associate’s degree from Davenport University, double majoring in computer programming & accounting.  Sharon has been a local resident for 46 years.  She’s the mother of two successful, young adult sons.  Furthermore, she’s the church secretary and an usher at Paradise Missionary                                                         Baptist Church where she has been a member for 23 years.


BJ (Barbara) Hammond  House Manager Monday 6 pm -Wednesday 6 pm      

I would like to take the time to give God thanks for all he has done for me. Growing up in Houston Texas my father was a minister and my mother a godly woman. My parents taught me how to love Jesus and to follow His word. It’s not by mistake that I come to Hannah’s House for the Lord has called me to the mission field to work with women. I felt that calling was for the woman right here in our own country. The need is great. I moved to Lansing in 2017 and have had the privilege of being house manager at two women’s facilities right here. I’m thankful for every opportunity to give a woman not only a hand up but knowledge about Jesus. I thank the lord for Hannah’s House and all it does for our community.