In 1990, out of concern for unborn babies and their mothers, a group of founding pro-life board members explored the possibility of opening a shelter. It was their desire to offer homeless, pregnant moms a haven of security, comfort, and stability in a loving, supportive, structured, Christian home. The ministry was incorporated October 18, 1991 and after careful planning and research the doors opened on July 17, 1995. The purpose of Hannah’s House is to provide shelter, food, clothing, classes, and mentoring to homeless, pregnant women to help prepare moms to effectively raise a family. Our program is designed to reinforce a positive lifestyle and promote social, emotional, and spiritual growth.


Hannah’s House is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We are a Christian, extended care shelter providing pregnant women with housing, supportive programs, and spiritual guidance during the pregnancy and up to six months after the baby is born. Hannah’s House is open to all pregnant, adult, women ages 18 or older in need, regardless of race, religious beliefs, or financial status. We provide women with a safe, comfortable home where they can gain the spiritual, physical, and emotional strength to parent their child and work toward self-sufficiency or make an adoption plan. Our average mother stays for approximately eight months. Each mother is mentored during her stay at Hannah’s House, and many seek mentoring after they leave our shelter and continue to receive baby clothes, diapers, emergency food, and ongoing emotional, material, and spiritual care. We also serve the community through our outreach program called, “Hannah’s Attic”, which provides maternity and baby clothes, diapers, and other items needed by families with small children. Admission to the program is determined after receipt of medical documentation of the pregnancy, a negative drug test, a background check and a personal interview with two staff members.


We are a Christ centered, extended care shelter for homeless, pregnant women and their babies, providing spiritual training in the areas of parenting and life skills.


It is our desire that every homeless, pregnant woman will develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and become a responsible, independent woman and mother, allowing their child to be raised for the glory of God.


As a pro-life ministry, the Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers believe that all human life is of worth and significant including the pre-born from conception.

Statement of Faith

We are a faith ministry and believe in one God, Creator and Lord of the universe; the co-eternal Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe the Bible is God’s authoritative and inspired Word; it is without error in all its teachings. We believe that Jesus Christ is God’s Son, that all men are sinners, and that justification is by grace through faith in Christ alone.


While at Hannah’s House, expectant mothers in crisis pregnancies are provided with many essential services needed to become healthy, successful parents. Mothers experience love and acceptance, regain and learn trust and acceptance of others, develop a community support system, and model a Christian lifestyle. From basic needs and housing to education and spiritual development, we become their mentors through pregnancy up to six months after the birth of their child and in many cases beyond that.